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Beth & Meg &...

Politics, culture, history, crazy family stories - high brow or low, it's all fair game. Hosted by Bethany Jones and Megan Johnson, this is the program where two sisters discuss anything, everything, and nothing in particular until way past their bed time without Dad yelling to "keep it down in there!".

Dec 14, 2018

It's been a few weeks but we are back in business, reliving our lovely Thanksgiving celebration, gearing up for the craziness of Christmas, and lamenting the fact that people think we are so cool (snort, snort!). Also, what the state of Utah needs learn from Megan, why we are all speciests, and our offer to the Academy Awards. Oh, and Shane makes an unexpected appearance (tee-tee!)! #learntosayno #restingchurchface #funeralpotatoes #minionoftheantichrist #amusebouche