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Beth & Meg &...

Politics, culture, history, crazy family stories - high brow or low, it's all fair game. Hosted by Bethany Jones and Megan Johnson, this is the program where two sisters discuss anything, everything, and nothing in particular until way past their bed time without Dad yelling to "keep it down in there!".

Oct 6, 2016

There's a crisp chill in the air and it's time to pull out your sweaters as we talk girls' weekend! That's right, we got the band back together and it involved foreign relations, granny panties, and what was probably not the weirdest thing to happen at Wal-Mart that day. Also, who we would choose Amanda Knox over for a roommate, how Megan was the Dita Von Teese of our high school, and why we feel there should be more Homie the Clown sightings.  #CookingWithCleavage #BigHairDontCare #SorryNotSorry #2DWorld #ItsJustLikeIreland