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Beth & Meg &...

Politics, culture, history, crazy family stories - high brow or low, it's all fair game. Hosted by Bethany Jones and Megan Johnson, this is the program where two sisters discuss anything, everything, and nothing in particular until way past their bed time without Dad yelling to "keep it down in there!".

Nov 10, 2016

This week we wrap up our interview with the lovely Nancy Turner as we discuss her book, These Is My Words. We talk about why you didn't need to be too creative while naming babies in the 19th century, how it was only decent to fit giving birth to them between chores, and why women's journals from that era were perhaps not the most trustworthy. We also chat about the responsibility of the author to history (DO NOT CHALLENGE Nancy on the difference between a sword and a calvary saber as you will only find yourself red-faced), why we have Alice Walker to thank for this book, and we get a glimpse into how seriously Nancy takes her spaghetti sauce.